Witney Photography- UK Wedding Photography: How to Get Wedding Images You Love

July 22, 2019


Hi! We are Kirstin and Dan- UK based wedding photographers who live in London, England but love travelling all over! As wedding photographers we think it is so important that our clients get images they absolutely love. This means that communication is key as we need to discuss what is important to you on your wedding day.

1.) Making lists- Let us know everything you want photographed such as lists of your family you would like photographed for the formal group shots. Do you have any other images in mind? Share with us your vision of the day.

2.) Creating a timeline- It is so important to create a timeline of your wedding day to share with us. This way we know how the day is going to go step by step so we can ensure we are prepared for every possible moment and scenario. It is also important we discuss when we are taking the formal family photographs and photos of you two alone together.

3.) Discuss the style/vibe of the day- Let us know your vision for the day! Does it have a boho vibe? A vintage vibe? An elegant vibe? We love to know your style and we try to represent that in our image of the day.

4.) Let us know what is most important to you- Do you really want beautiful images of just the two of you, is that the most important part of your wedding day? Do you care more for the posed family formal group photographs? Do you want more natural documentary style images? It is so. important to let us know what is most important for you on your wedding day so there are no crossed wires and we get the best possible images of the day!

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