Witney Photography: UK Wedding Photographers: Our Why

July 22, 2019


Hi, We’re Kirstin & Daniel – we’re UK Wedding Photographers and based in London, England. We also love destination weddings though and love travelling!

Why are we wedding photographers? Why is wedding photography so important to us? Well because we found it’s the thing we are most passionate about and we truly believe in doing what we love.

After years of being unhappy in our jobs (Kirstin as a secondary school teacher and Dan in the acting industry), we decided to take the plunge and work together doing our favourite thing- photographing people. Kirstin took the plunge much sooner as a newborn photographer based in London but found that everyone was always encouraging her to do weddings. Her brother especially tried to get her to do weddings for years and she resisted as she wasn’t sure about the fast pace of them. Then she photographed her first wedding and realised that this was her calling. She soon persuaded Dan to join her so that he could be her second shooter and they never looked back.

Weddings are a way for us to express ourselves, by photographing your happiest day! We’ve always been artistic and love anything to do with art. We view your wedding day as our giant canvas and love to record every detail, every memory and every kiss.

We love working together and find that having two photographers gives us the chance to capture every aspect of your wedding, so there are no missed moments. We love putting our own stylistic spin on your day and our goal is to capture natural pieces of fine art for you to cherish forever.

Having got married just last December, we know how important wedding photographs are. In fact, we believe they are the most important part of the day (aside from the actual getting married part) as they are a record keeper. They help your wedding day last forever in your memory and will be passed on for generations to come. At our wedding, we actually used our ancestors’ wedding photographs at our reception table, as a reminder of how we got here and a nod to their love.

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